My Approach to Counseling

Throughout all sessions, I work at providing safe, non-judgmental and generous listening to what ever is said, providing feedback when appropriate and helping clarify goals and changes to reach those goals. 

I offer a free 1/2 hour consultation to determine if a good fit exists between me and the client. 

Initial Sessions - I ask that clients commit to four initial sessions over a four week period. If the client already has made plans that interrupt the four week structure, the four initial sessions can be spread out over a longer time frame. 

The first session is an 80 minute session and consists of a Mental Health Assessment where I use an instrument titled the MINI INTERNATIONAL NEUROPSYCHIATRIC INTERVIEW to determine if there are any issues that are diagnosable. For clients that want to have their insurance reimburse them for their counseling sessions, a diagnosis will be required to be submitted to the insurance company. Otherwise, this process gives a structured approach to understand what might be going on and what should be included in treatment planning. 

The second session is a normal 50 minute session and consists of jointly developing a treatment plan based on what the client wants to accomplish in therapy and what was discovered in the Mental Health Assessment. 

Dave Knowles Counseling