Dave Knowles Counseling


Are you stressed out at work or at home to the point that you are having trouble sleeping at night or you find it difficult to concentrate when trying to making important decisions? 

Do you find that you are losing your temper more easily and damaging important relationships in the process or does it seem like you are just angry at everything and everybody all the time and the smallest thing can set you off in a rage? 

Is your boss or your wife or significant other, or your kids saying that you have become distant and hard to talk to about things? 

Are you drinking or using recreational drugs more and enjoying it less with increasingly damaging consequences such as hangovers, missing work or blackouts? 

Have you lost a job, a marriage, a parent or child and can’t seem to get through the grieving process? 

Have you gotten to the point where you can’t seem to see a future or things seem hopeless or you feel like a failure? 

Have you had trouble asking for help in the past and still can't seem to bring yourself to the point of asking for help now? 

Perhaps now is the time to take action and start doing something to address the issues that seem to be weighing you down and making life miserable for you and possibly those around you. 

Help is Available! 

I can help.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have the real life experience and professional training to be of real assistance to men facing today's life challenges. 

I served in the Navy in the Vietnam conflict followed by twenty-five years in the high tech industry, first as a financial manager and then as a service director responsible for worldwide field service operations for mission critical equipment.  After retiring from High Tech, I retooled by earning a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College in Portland followed by four years experience working with men with substance abuse and trauma problems in a residential setting. 

I specialize in problem solving and life skills training and I am trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills training which focuses on mindfulness skills for peace, serenity and access to intuitive knowledge, distress tolerance skills to get through an emotional crisis without making it worse, emotion regulation skills to learn to control emotions rather that being controlled by emotions and interpersonal effectiveness skills to become more assertive and get what is desired in life without damaging relationships or self esteem in the process. 

I am also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), although since I am only doing distance counseling over the internet, I am not practicing EMDR with clients.

Take Action Now!  Contact me by going to the Contact page and filling out a contact form, or call me at (503) 720- 5293.